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Field trips to McFarland Ranch

The McFarland Living History Ranch is quickly becoming a popular destination for California Central Valley students and beyond. The students enter a portal of time back to the late 1800's. Judging by the smiles and laughter learning is fun, not only fun but also something students remember a lifetime. Life was not flipping a switch, watching television or having a room full of toys to play with.

Students learn that to be able to see at night one must make candles for light, to eat, a garden must be planted. They find as they twist, turn, and decorate their corn husk dolls that toys were simple and rarely elaborate nor plentiful. Students toil over a washboard and wringer to clean clothes, probably wondering how long it would take to wash the closet full of clothing at home by hand instead of pushing a button.

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8899 Orr Rd, Galt CA 95632 (link to Google Map)

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PO Box 782, Galt CA 95632

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Eugenia Olson, (209) 745-0951

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Ida Denier, (209) 745-1477
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